Abdominal Pain Crisis in a Young Patient with B12 Deficiency: A Case Report

Neda Nozari, Akram Pourshams, Parisa Divsalar


Vitamin B12 deficiency is an unusual disease in younger individuals. This case report has demonstrated how a patient with vitamin B12 deficiency can present with unusual symptoms. Two episodes of severe abdominal pain were identified in a 35-year-old man in the emergency ward. During both episodes surgical consultations were requested. A gastroduodenoscopy revealed macroscopic atrophic gastritis and pathology reports showed mucosal atrophy in the gastric corpus with evidence of intestinal metaplasia. Laboratory data showed a low level of vitamin B12 in the patient’s serum. In rare cases, vitamin B12 deficiency can present with severe abdominal pain associated with abdominal rigidity.


Vitamin B12 deficiency; Atrophic gastritis; Abdominal pain

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