The Polymorphism P53 Arg72Pro Could Not Confer the Susceptibility of Gaining Gastric Cancer in Ardabil Province, Iran

Saied Hosseini-Asl, Mohammad Mazani, Abazar Barzegar, Elham Niasti, Nima Farahmand, Homa Akhavan



Gastric cancer as the fourth most frequent malignancy worldwide was known to have the highest rate among cancer-related disorders in Ardabil province. The product of TP53 gene regulated  the cell cycle process and acts as a tumor suppressor factor. The polymorphism P53 Arg72Pro (rs1042522) has been reported to be associated with many type of cancers.  The purpose of the present study was investigating about susceptibility of gaining gastric cancer in which probably conferred by the polymorphism P53 Arg72Pro in Ardabil province.

Materials and Methods:

Using PCR-RFLP, the polymorphism was assayed among 87 patients affected with gastric cancer and 92 healthy controls selected. The statistical significance was analyzed by logistic regression test.


The mean  of age for cases and controls were 64.2 and 61.9  years respectively. The frequency of genotypes for cases has been detected as 16.3% for Pro/Pro, 41.9% for Arg/Pro, and 41.9% for Arg/Arg and for controls were 18.5% Pro/Pro, 40.2% Arg/Pro, and 41.3% Arg/Arg respectively.  There was not any significant association between this polymorphism and affecting to gastric cancer.


Finding shows relationship between susceptibility of gaining gastric cancer in our province and the polymorphism rs1042522 could be due to genetic and population relationship between Ardabil population and Caucasians, and the selective advantage of the Arg allele in cold climates, as well. On the other hand, considering to the previous studies on the etiology of gastric cancer in Ardabil province shows, environmental factors such as nitrate have more important role bin conferring susceptibility to gain gastric cancer and some genetic changes and affecting to gastric cancer in this study indicates that the role of lifestyle improvement might reduce the huge rate of affected patients in our province.


Gastric Cancer; Polymorphism; P53; Arg72Pro; Iran

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