Refractory Esophageal Stricture Induced by Aluminium Phosphide Ingestion

Mehdi Zobeiri


Benign esophageal stricture caused by corrosive substance can be treated successfully with endoscopic dilation using bougies or balloons but approximately one-third of patients develop recurrent stenosis.

We report a case of lower third benign esophageal stricture presented with severe dysphagia, passive and active regurgitation caused by ingestion of a corrosive substance (aluminium phosphide) which was refractory to multiple dilation with balloons and bougies and migration of fully covered metal stent. After two courses of intralesional 40 mg methyl prednisolone acetate injection with two weeks interval and serial dilation, symptoms improved without restenosis. So a less frequent injection-dilation schedule with longer intervals may also effective for refractory esophageal stricture induced by corrosive agents.



Benign esophageal stricture, Refractory, Corrosive ingestion

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